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This Week's Poll
This Week's Poll
Do you think my new shampoo brings out my youth?
This Week's Poll
Apollo Justice!!! Did you beat it?

Beat it, LOVED it!
Beat it, thought it was good
Beat it, thought it was average
Beat it, didn't like it
Beat it, it SUCKED
Still working on it!
Didn't get a copy yet
Not interested in getting it at all

Did you finish the countdown?

Yup! Every case on every day!
Finished, but not on schedule
I didn't make it :(
Didn't do it in the first place

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  • OC Contest!

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Daily Sprite
Daily Sprite
Important Dates
  • 15 July 2008 - E3. Here's hoping for some news!
  • 3 October 2008 - T&T European release (we hope).
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